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 As year 2 is the end of key stage 1 it is a crucial time to pull all the KS1 objectives together to ensure that each child has the opportunity to meet Age Related Expectations. Children are given the opportunity to retake their Year 1 phonics test if required. During May of the school year children in Year 2 take part in the SATS tests in Reading and Numeracy.

Each term our learning is linked to a topic and core reading book. So far this year we have explored the topic of 'Toys' and the book 'Building Boy' by Ross Montgomery. We have also in our 'A plastic World' Topic created some fantastic writing and art work based on the text  'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts as well as the themes of plastic pollution and the impact of this on marine life. 

This year our Art's Week display was inspired by Japanese Artist Hokusai and her piece 'the wave.' 

This is our South American art week display  (2018)