Toll Bar Primary School

Together we shine bright and reach high! We are Toll Bar!


Welcome to Sycamore class – we are enjoying being part of the main school building now and have settled in really well.

This term we are learning all about Toys, thinking about toys from the past compared to modern toys and considering what materials toys are made of compared to previously. WE are looking forward to inviting parents and grandparents in to talk about toys from their childhood and hopefully, bring some in to show us.

During our Literacy lessons we have been reading and writing about The Train Ride by June Crebbin and we have enjoyed coming up with ideas of what we could see out of the train window. We have also been reading Rosie’s Walk and applying some of our reading strategies, such as, predicting what will happen next, and talking about the tricky vocabulary in the text. We are also reading Handa’s Surprise and talking about which animals we know and which fruit, we recognise – thinking about our retrieval skills.

In Science we are learning about our 5 senses and have explored how we can use them to solve a puzzle, and we will be looking at a range of different animals including birds, fish and amphibians. We are looking forward to finding out about some of these animals too.

During our maths lessons we are learning to use manipulatives safely as well as using them to make our maths easier. We are finding lots of different strategies to show addition and subtraction and making sure we can explain how we have found an answer.

The children are enjoying using our new Outdoor area and some of the children are out there at different times of the day – please make sure your child brings a coat so if they are outside they are able to enjoy the learning set up whilst keeping warm.