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Welcome to Year 5 Willow Class 2018-2019

This term Willow Class will be investigating the importance of the Tudor Monarchs on the development Britain as we know it today. In science we will be looking at Living things and their Habitats to round off our busy year at school.

 Below are a few of our key achievements so far this year:

  • Our class novel last term was “Eragon” by Christopher Paolini - a fantastic read- this book was a nice break away from the Roman Topic we were looking at last term.
  • We have finally started swimming lessons at Adwick Leisure Centre- we love Wednesdays!
  • We love our learning in Maths- last term we covered a range of topics including calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measures, shape and statistics- this term we have started work on FRACTIONS- look out for our challenges on our Maths Learning Wall
  • We have created a model map of modern day Britain and so far have looked at the links with Ancient Rome that are still visible today- can you see any evidence on our displays?
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed closely working with our artist Miss Bairstow creating a huge piece of artwork on the school field for the Tour De Yorkshire as well as decorating and designing our own bikes for the school fence.