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Spring Term 2019

From the story of Romulus and Remus to the legacy left behind by the Romans here in Britain, Chestnut Class have been amazed to discover some interesting facts about this fascinating period in history. Studying primary and secondary sources, we have collated information relating to the Romans and their impact on the world including the growth of the Roman Empire. Using atlases and maps we have plotted the countries conquered by the Romans and have identified the reasons why certain areas were easier than others to attack. This term is certainly going to be a busy one…

Arts Week

During Arts Week, Chestnut Class will be studying some inspirational artwork from South Korea. Our featured artist is Kim So-Sun, a talented designer who specialises in creating contemporary Korean folk paintings.

Keep a look out on this page for our artwork!

Crucial Crew

Chestnut Class had a fantastic day at the “Lifewise skills centre” in Hellaby, Rotherham.

 Amongst the many activities during the day we were able to experience:

  • Fire safety
  • Road safety
  • First-Aid skills
  • Keeping safe online
  • A Magistrate’s courtroom
  • Inside a prison cell
  • Anti-social behaviours and the consequences thereof

Take a look at the photographs of our day at Crucial Crew; we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Mrs Melling and Mr Cross