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As year 2 is the end of key stage 1 it is a crucial time to pull all the KS1 objectives together to ensure that each child has the opportunity to meet Age Related Expectations. Children are given the opportunity to retake their Year 1 phonics test if required. During May of the school year children in Year 2 take part in the SATS tests in Reading and Numeracy. Throughout the year we will be taking part in a range of learning activities to secure the skills the children will reach their potential. 

Each term our learning is linked to a topic and core reading book. This term our topic is 'Castles and Dragons' through which the children will explore the real castles found throughout the UK. We will be looking at the different parts of a castle both inside and out as well as exploring the people who lived and worked in them in the past. We will be comparing this with castle life of more recent times and considering how this has changed. We will also be delving into the fantasy World of dragons, first of all through our reading focus text 'The egg' by MP Robertson and then 'George and the Dragon' buy Chris Wormwell. We will discover what it takes to keep a pet dragon and what to do when it escapes! We will be also creating our own stories and poetry inspired by this incredible mystical creature. We look forward to sharing with you the incredible writing, artwork and much more that is to come. Have a look at some of the fantastic castles some of the children have created at home as part of their Home Learning Challenges! 

In our Science we are exploring what plants need to grow. We are very excited to see how our bean seeds and grass change week after week! 

Our P.E days are Wednesday and Friday. 

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Check out the learning walls we use to support and share our learning each week.

This is our bean growing experiment. We are finding out what they need to grow observing how they change.

This fabulous castle was created at home by Lillie Mae and uploaded to our class Seesaw page! 

Welcome to our cosy reading corner!