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Spring Term 2020

Welcome to the Spring Term 2020!

This term our history topic is Walk Like An Egyptian- a study of Ancient Egypt.

Within this learning, the children will focus on the fascinating history and geography of this amazing country in Africa. 

They will discover the ancient secrets of Egypt hidden deep within the myriad of tombs and archaelogical sites of this fascinating place. Fast forward to the present day and the popular destination of Egypt will be studied incorporating the incredible sight-seeing and tourist areas to explore using the internet and other resources.

Our class text this term is “Mr Stink" by David Walliams. This novel describes the adventures of Mr Stink and the little girl who befriends him, Sophie, who is unhappy at home with her obnoxious sister and ambitious mother who shows her little love. Our drama and role-play work will focus on the central characters and the children will explore the central roles of friendship, family relationships, personal identity and wellbeing. The book celebrates the personal traits of kindness, creativity, courage, and integrity which links beautifully into our PSHE learning this term around citizenship and looking after each other.

In Maths the topics include Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Year 5 is all about building on the children’s mathematical skills and moving their learning on to develop good fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills in this key area of the curriculum.

In Geography lessons, the pupils will study the physical and human geography of the country of Egypt, focusing on the land use, climate, population, community and culture. 

Science this term is all about Habitats. The pupils will be exploring the life cycles of different creatures and those of plants. They will discover a range of hypotheses which will help to develop their skills in scientific enquiry and gain a better understanding of the biology within the world around us. 

Extra  Information:

Our PE days are Tuesdays (PE kit needed with trainers) and Thursdays (swimming kit needed with a towel- boys- swimming trunks please)

Girls- one piece costume please (no bikinis)

Planners- please sign your child's planner every time you listen to them reading. 

The children need to read 5 times a week to receive a Dojo reward, a chance to go into the class prize box and receive a reading award.

Extra homework will be:

  • Times tables practising the rapid recall of the multiplication and division facts.
  • History and Geography research and activities
  • Other Maths and English to reinforce the learning in school.

Mrs Melling, Miss McGarrity, Mrs Bower.


Spring Planning 2020