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Reading scheme used in school

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Hello Year 5 and welcome back!

It is so good to be able to welcome Year 5 back to school: I know how much I have missed being here and I can't wait to begin our learning this year.

This year in Willow we will be covering a range of topics within the National Curriculum:



During the first four weeks of the Autumn term, our school will be studying the book, 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. 

We will be looking in depth at the children’s feelings and concerns within PHSE lessons and 'Here We Are' is an excellent book to enable this.



In Maths our pupils will be developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills as they read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1 000 000. They will be able to determine the value of each digit, count forwards and backwards in steps of powers of 10. This will enable pupils to identify numbers in context when looking at rates of pay, the use of money in shops, inflation prices and the ability to read bus timetables and journey planners.

Towards the end of the term we will then progress onto mastering addition and subtraction, specifically looking at developing fluency, reasoning skills and problem solving as the children add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits confidently. This will enable pupils to be able to calculate the cost of shopping, work out the amount of ingredients needed when baking, work out costing structures for future business and material cost when completing DIY. We will do this by adding and subtracting numbers mentally with increasingly larger numbers, adding and subtracting whole numbers with more than 4 digits, including using formal written methods (column addition and subtraction), using rounding to check answers to calculations and determine, in the context of a problem, levels of accuracy and solving addition and subtraction multi-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why. 



Our core text this term is called The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver.                                    

“Thousands of years ago the land is one dark forest. Its people are hunter-gatherers. They know every tree and herb and they know how to survive in a time of enchantment and powerful magic. Suddenly an ambitious and malevolent force conjures up a demon: a demon so evil that it can be contained only in the body of a ferocious bear that will slay everything it sees, a demon determined to destroy the world.

Year 5 will be captivated to discover the events which unfold within the story…”

Wolf Brother: Book 1 in the million-copy-selling series Chronicles of Ancient  Darkness: Paver, Michelle: Books

History & Geography

In our History and Geography lessons this term we will be studying World War 2 (1939-45)

We will investigate the causes of World War 2 and how the Treaty of Versailles was a contributing factor in the outbreak of war. We will also research other factors that played a crucial role in enabling the Adolf Hitler to begin his reign of tyranny over Europe.

Following on from this we will take a look at the major turning points of the war and how Britain played a vital role in the defeat of Nazi Germany. We will take an in depth look at The Battle of Britain, The Blitz, The Evacuation of Children, Rationing, D-Day and eventually VE Day. 

I am hoping that Willow Class will be as enthusiastic about learning this subject as I am about teaching it. It would be great to hear of any experiences from the community either through parents or grandparents who may be able to provide us opportunities to discuss the impact World War 2 had on the local area and local citizens.

Remote Learning 

In the event of a pupil having to isolate or a bubble closure, online work will be available on their Teams class page. Here are also some direct links that may prove useful in the event of a pupil having to work from home. 


Updated 23/11/2020