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Reopening update

19 May 2020 (by admin)

19th May 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers

Toll Bar Primary School – Reopening update

As you know schools have been instructed to start planning to open to a larger number of pupils from the beginning of June. As a school staff and governing body we are working extremely hard to organise all aspects of this reopening. I like to thank you for your patience at this incredibly challenging time. We are all concerned about the pupils and want to make sure every possible precaution has been considered and a system put in place.

Guidance is still being released and we as a school are reacting as quickly as possible to create a safe environment for your child to return safely. We all want to get back to ‘normal’ as quick as possible.

We are working with the local authority to agree how to safely open our school and this will take some time.

Before we can open the school must be able to demonstrate:

· All Health and Safety Checks are up to date and passed

· All classrooms are organised safely and thoroughly deep cleaned – class sizes will be significantly reduced

· Playgrounds are adapted so parents/ carers and pupils can enter and exit the school safely with minimized risk of crossover/ congestion – designated times and areas will be marked out

· All appropriate first aid supplies are in place and protocols understood by staff

· Staff understanding roles, responsibilities and safety procedures

· Local Authority/ Governors have reviewed all aspects of the school plans and assessments and agree it is safe to open

All these tasks and more have to be completed whilst still maintaining socially distancing measures for all staff concerned.

Our school will look and feel vastly different and because of this Toll Bar Primary School is creating a number of videos which will be put on the website over the next few weeks to explain all the changes and what you can expect. Our website will also have available all the protocols around first coming to school, being in school and how we would respond to a coronavirus case in school.

What is the school currently doing?

Organising classrooms

Writing safety procedures and testing them out

Orgainsing first aid supplies – additional PPE

Completing all risk assessments

Discussing changes with all staff

Ensuring training if needed is completed

Working with all relevant authorities

We will be in regular contact from this week onwards on the website with updates. A new survey will be out over the holidays. If possible we will inform you of a possible start date.

The next update will be on Friday 22nd May (evening time).

Kind Regards

Mr S Bower