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School closure 4th January reopening on Tuesday 5th January

3 January 2021 (by admin)

DPH schools letter Jan 03.21

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Happy New Year – I hope everyone is safe and well. This letter is to go alongside the letter from Doncaster MBC.

School will return on Tuesday 5th January. All classes. This is in line with all our local primary schools in the area.

New starters to come to school on their start date as normal unless it is Monday 4th January. They should now start Tuesday 5th January.

I am sure you are aware of the current confusing situation nationally and how difficult living in tier 3 since lockdown has been for all of us. We currently remain in tier 3 and will open Tuesday 5th January. We are obviously concerned about the safety of pupils, staff and parents particularly since the news reports have highlighted a more infectious strain of COVID-19.

We must therefore remain extremely vigilant and maintain tight controls and protocols across the school.

It is important the absolute minimum is brought to schoolpacked lunch/ water bottle/ reading book and plannernothing else. This then reduces the chances of cross contamination. Please work with us to ensure we can keep the school open.

The school will continue to operate the same bubbles as last term across the school:

Staggered start and end times each day will remain – please respect the one-way system around school.

There will be staggered starts and ends of the day to minimise the number of pupils and adults on the playgrounds at any one time. Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow parents/ carers into the building at the start or end of the day. Essential meetings will need to be made by appointment only where we will try to address any problems over the phone.

A video explaining these protocols and the classroom are still on the website if you are unsure.

All procedures are in line with National Guidance and LA support. Each school is unique and has its own challenges. Our particular difficulties are around entrances to the school and getting into classrooms. A lot of newer schools have classroom exit doors – our does not. So our procedures are built around this issue particularly and getting children into school without congestion within the corridors. The benefit of our school is the high ceilings and large number of windows.

Hot School meals will still be available from the first day of term.

Cleaning procedures have been maintained as they were in the Autumn term and this includes increased times for our cleaning team to be on site cleaning each day.

Test, Trace and Track:

The school must strictly follow government guidance in this area and we will ensure all safety procedures are followed. Staff have and will continue to receive information and training related to the coronavirus. The school will also be working very closely with Public Health England/ Doncaster should there be any concerns.

Home – School Agreement:

You have all agreed to the Home – School Agreement which outlines the expectations of School/ pupils and parents whilst on school premises. Following the procedures is crucial to reducing any risk to us all and it is vital we work together to ensure social distancing is maintained and we keep any gatherings on site to an absolute minimum. Time keeping will be incredibly important to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

January – Reopening Plan

What is the school currently doing?



Organising Classrooms

Pupils will still be facing the front in rows reducing the amount of time facing each other – KS1/ KS2

Foundation will aim to reduce group sizes and the organisation will aim to reduce time facing each other in group work and independent time.

Reviewing and updating safety procedures and testing them out

In place – rechecked/ reviewed – January 4th

Organising First Aid Supplies

In place– rechecked/ reviewed – January 4th

Completing all Risk Assessments

In place– rechecked/ reviewed – January 4th

LA/ DFE - updates

Continue to follow Doncaster LA/ Public Health Doncaster guidance on when it is safe to open or close.


Reopening of the school

Tuesday 5th January 2021 – all classes to return


School meals will be available from the first day of opening.




There will be a phased return to National Curriculum programs and catch up programs particularly for our year 6 pupils


If a Bubble has confirmed case of Covid-19 the school will follow the advice of Public Health England/ Doncaster.

This could include closing the bubble for a number of days


Deep cleaning.

If a bubble closes for a period of time the school will implement its contingency curriculum plan for working at home. This is published on the website.


We aim to open the school as carefully and as safely as possible tomorrow. However, we will be guided by Doncaster LA and Doncaster Public Health in line with the vast majority of schools in our area.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Kind Regards

Steve Bower