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Summer Term 2021-227

This term in Chestnut we are finalising our preparation for our SATS which will happen in 3 weeks. We have placed a huge emphasis on the understanding of key teaching points which has seen our confidence levels sky rocket and provide brilliant opportunities for every member of the class. I am sure that we have given our best over the past half a year and we will give 100% effort for the remaining few weeks before we attempt our SATs.


In Literacy we will be looking at the reign of the Tudors and reporting on the Battle of the Roses using TV News Reports and Newspaper articles. This will provide children with a create hook to be able to present finding and information about a real turning point in the history of Britain.


In Maths we will be looking at the structure of word problems and how to answer these by first looking at the key words, the key numbers, the calculation and finally the check section. We have practiced this method before but with some tweaking of the children’s understanding of this concept their confidence will begin to grow.


In Reading, we will continue to develop our SATS practice and develop our reading speed to ensure we can access the SATS text types and question styles. Once the SATS have been completed we will be reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I have used this story before and is a compelling and action-filled adventure.


In PE, we will be beginning to practice for our Sports Day by looking at Athletics both Field and Track events.


Summer Term Planning Documents

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Reading scheme used in school


The reading scheme we use in school is called Read Write Inc. 

This literacy programme was developed by Ruth Miskin, published by Oxford University Press and is taught in over 5000 schools throughout the United Kingdom.

Our pupils will focus on learning sounds and the letters that represent them, along with learning how to form the letters. The books that are then read are written using only the letters the pupils have learnt (along with a few separately taught ‘tricky words’) which will help when building up confidence in reading.

For more information - Please click on the link below

Read Write Inc - A Guide for Parents

For literacy readtheor.pngSPAG.pngOxford-Owl-Library.jpg

For Science

Science Resources - Lexington City Schools    Introducing National Geographic KiDS - Unique Magazines Blog          

For Computing 


Some extra favourites...

If you want to get creative, get active or just fancy relaxing and listening to a good book, we have something for you here!

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