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Welcome to Elm class... 

This term we are studying the Titanic. After talking with the children we have decided to explore the following questions about the Titanic:

  • Where was the Titanic sailing to?
  • What was life like on board the Titanic?
  • What did they eat on board?
  • Why did the Titanic Sink?
  • Who was to blame?

Our Week


Monday  Maths GPS Guided Reading   Art
Tuesday Maths Literacy

Guided Reading 


Wednesday Maths Literacy Guided Reading 


Thursday Maths Literacy Guided Reading


Friday Arithmetic and investigation Literacy & GPS PE 

Spellings and golden time


In Literacy lessons we will start the half term by writing a diary about receiving a ticket and the first day on the Titanic. Following this we will be a story based on the events leading up to the crash. Finally we will develop a newspaper report about the sinking about the Titanic and its survivors. 


In Maths we are exploring place value and rounding. We will use this knowledge to develop our skills in addition and subtraction later this term. 

We are proud of...

Elm's Planning

 Autumn ELM Spelling and reading.docxDownload
 Autumn ELM Spelling and reading.docxDownload
 Autumn History and geography plan.docxDownload
 Year 3 and 4 Icebergs TB.docxDownload
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Times Table Practise...