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Members of the Governing Body

Message from Mr Robinson

Hello, I am Mr Robinson, the Chair of the Governing Body. If you would like to contact me, my email address is

 Current Governors

Category of Governor NAME Term of Office Expiry Date
PARENTS Mrs A Jamroz 08.02.2019
Mrs D Smith 09.10.2017
EX OFFICIO Mr S Bower (Headteacher)
LEA Mrs A Wilburn 10.10.2017


Mr J N Robinson (Chair)


Miss K Wroe (Vice Chair) 29.05.2020
Mrs P Sutton 31.03.2018
Mrs L Wood (staff) 22.11.2020
Miss Y Whaley (staff) 31.08.2018
Mr P Beckett 29.06.2017
Mr L Ashton 17.11.2018
ASSOCIATE MEMBER Mrs A Newton 18.06.2020

Governing bodies of maintained local authority schools currently are made up from five different groups of people: Staff governor from the teaching staff; Staff governor from the non-teaching staff; Local Authority nominated governors; Parent governors; Community governors.

There are sometimes vacancies for community governors. If you are interested in applying please contact the school office. This link will take you to a Government document on the roles and responsibilities of School Governors: – ‘The Governors’ handbook’. Please address all correspondence to the Chair of Governors at Toll Bar Primary School. Please see the School Complaints policy for guidance on lodging a complaint and following it through.


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