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Sports Premium

Overall Objective: To Increase Participation In Sports and PE and Develop Healthy Life Styles by

  • developing confidence in staff with the teaching of PE across the school.
  • promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle to all pupils.
  • continuing to build on the legacy of the 2012 Olympics and recognise the importance of upholding the Olympic and Paralympic Values across the school.
  • encouraging competitive sport across the school through House competitions
  • promoting competitive sport outside of school

Main Performance Indicators (expressed in terms of impact on pupil's learning/progress where possible)

  • Developed confidence amongst staff in the teaching and assessing of PE. Evidence of pupils making progress as a result.
  • Teachers confidently recording the levels of attainment of all pupils in all areas of the PE Curriculum.
  • Evidence of progression in all areas of PE Curriculum (dance, gymnastics, athletics, invasion games) throughout the school.
  • More pupils attending a variety of sporting clubs offered before and after school, thus improving and developing their skills and knowledge
  • Realisation of the importance of leading a Healthy Lifestyle through Change4life campaign and making the right choices
  • The development and development of all pupils physical, social and cognitive skills through PE
  • The improvement and development in pupils teamwork, leadership and communication skills through PE
  • The development of a School Sports Notice Board highlighting and celebrating pupils sporting achievements both inside and outside of school.

Sports Action Plan 2017/18

Monitoring, Challenge, Intervention and Support

PE/ Sports Premium 2017/18____£17,370 

Name of School:       Toll Bar Primary

Key Issue:

·          Raise the amount of physical activity across the school day

·          Improve the basic skills of all pupils in line with the National Curriculum.

·          Teaching to be at appropriate pitch and enable pupils to demonstrate understanding/ skills,

·          Increase to quality of teaching within gymnastics

·          Increase the amount of competitive opportunities both in school and between other schools

Outcomes: On going improvement

·          Improve the knowledge and understanding of teaching staff across all areas of the curriculum.

·          Increase the amount of physical activity within a PE session.

·          Increase internal/external competition across ks1/ks2.

·          Provide more opportunities for children at lunch time and playgrounds to avoid conflict and encourage team work.

·          Celebrate children’s achievements in sports activities both in and out of school.








Who responsible



Success Criteria


·          Increase physical activity across the school day

·          TA support during lunch time

·          Sports coaches to provide a daily lunchtime and increase after school clubs

·          Equipment to increase provision available







Increased levels of participation

Reduction in behaviourial issues – lunch time/ after lunch

Increased sports specific participation after school


·          Ensure sufficient coverage in the curriculum across key stage 1 and 2.

·          Teachers to be delivering dance or gym at least once a week in line with age related expectations.


PE coordinator

Feb 2018




Quality of teaching improved

Pupil outcomes in line with National Curriculum


·          Train year 5/6 children as ‘Playground leaders’ to support at lunch time.

·          Support TAs at lunchtime in delivering sports activities.


PE Coordinator

Evaluate and replan at December 2018

Included above


Playground drop ins.

Feedback from TAS about lunchtimes.



·          Identify key dates in the diary for:

1.intra school competitions

2. inter school competitions

·          Develop a training schedule for competitive teams and staff willing to get involved.

PE coordinator

On going



Dates in place

Staff identified

Record of teams that have taken part.


3 events per term plus 1 inter school competition starting from spring term.


·          Achieve Sainsbury’s Games Mark - SILVER.

·          Termly Newsletter.

·          Links with 3 outside clubs.

·          Named “sports council” to be formed.

PE Coordinator

June 2018



Evidence in place to meet the Silver criteria by April 2018.



·          Provide an active holiday club each half term, Easter, summer.

PE Coordinator/ Office Manager

Each term

Coaching costs


Head and Governors

Review with sports coach and children after each half term.


·          Development of a School Sports Notice Board highlighting and celebrating pupils sporting achievements both inside and outside of school.

PE Coordinator




Weekly/monthly updates

PE/afterschool club provision and photos.


·          Staff professional development

PE Coordinator




Reviewed termly




Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Sufficient coverage in the curriculum across KS1/2.

KS1 lesson observations by December 2th

KS2 lesson observations by Feb 12th

Evaluations and next steps

Playground buddies trained and working on the playground, whilst supporting TAs delivery at lunch times.

11th November – play ground buddied in place.


First playground drop in to watch TAS – 15/11/17 – reflect and give ideas out.

January 15th – review/ set new dates and challenges for Spring/ Summer for TAs and play ground buddies.

July 8th – Review whole year.

Competition calendar - inter/intra.

Termly newsletter to go out in autumn 2 – showing availability and links to outside clubs.

4 competitions to be attended in spring 1 and 2.

4 competitions to be attended in summer 1 and 2.

Sainsbury Games Mark

Set up folder and begin to collect evidence – share at a staff meeting 11/12/17.

Invited Craig Dallas in to discuss current evidence and gain more ideas – 26.2.18.

28th June - application

Holiday Clubs

Planned/ delivered/ evaluated – October half term.

Planned/ delivered/ evaluated – Feb half term.

Planned/ delivered/ evaluated – Easter half term.


School sports board

First board up and celebrated by 20th October – children at competitions and Sainsbury’s game mark logo.  

Update after competitions – next been Cross Country in January 2018.

Evaluate and next steps.