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September 2015

  • 22nd— Sycamore Class trip to Sherwood Pines
  • 24th— Oak class trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • 24th—9am Willow Class assembly
  • 24th—2.30pm Parents meeting for Ingleton trip
  • 29th—2.30pm Y6/KS2 Parents meeting with Mr Bower
  • 30th—9am Chestnut class assembly
  • 30th—2.30pm Y2/KS1 Parents meeting with Mrs O’Connor


  • 1st—9am Chestnut class workshop for parents
  • 1st-1pm Chestnut at The Dome for Doncaster Book Award launch
  • 6th- PHOTOGRAPHER for individual and family photos, families will be taken together during the morning. Family groups with younger siblings are welcome at 8.30 am
  • 7th–9am F2 Maple Class assembly
  • 7th–9am Oak Class workshop for parents
  • 7th— Chestnut Class visit to National Coal Mining Museum
  • 8th&9th— Y3&4 residential to Ingleton
  • 12th&13th- PARENTS EVENINGS 3.15—5.00pm
  • 14th— Cedar class assembly
  • 15th— Willow Class workshop for parents
  • 22nd— Cedar Class workshop for parents


  • 2nd- TRAINING DAY - school closed
  • 4th—9am Sycamore class assembly
  • 11th-9am Oak Class assembly
  • 12th—9am Maple F2 Class workshop for parents
  • 15th—19th— Art Exhibition at Bentley My Place
  • 18th—9am Sycamore class workshop for parents
  • 19th—9am Bags2School Collection
  • 25th—9am Ash F1 am and 2pm Ash F1 pm class workshops for parents


  • 4th— Christmas Journey for all classes
  • 8th&9th- Foundation and KS1 Concerts at 10am
  • 8th— KS2 Concert at 2pm
  • 9th— KS2 Concert at 6pm
  • 11th- Carol Singing at Asda, Carcroft - Choir
  • 14th- Foundation & KS1 - CHRISTMAS PARTY
  • 15th- PANTOMIME
  • 16th- Carol Concert at St Philip’s & St James’s Church, Bentley - Whole School
Rising 3's nursery placements at Toll Bar Primary School, what does it mean? Do you qualify? Ask in the school office! Children born between 1st September-31st December can start September 2015, 1st January-31st March can start January 2016, 1st April-31st August can start April 2016

You can download the Rising 3's application form to fill in.

Welcome to Toll Bar Primary!

Toll Bar Primary School is a "School Direct" school and welcomes applications and visits to our school! We were found by Ofsted in February 2014 to be a GOOD school. Click here for more information.

Message from Mrs Northwood

Welcome to our School

In Toll Bar we believe we are a 'Community Primary' school and we intend these pages to reflect some of the things that happen in and around our school with the help of the community that we serve ...... plus all sorts of other interesting bits and pieces!

We believe Toll Bar Primary School to be a safe, caring environment, where in partnership with you we can try to achieve your child's full potential.

Our aim in the school is to educate the whole child, and through the curriculum will provide for the learning of skills and knowledge, a child should be given every opportunity to realise their aspirations and express their feelings. The whole curriculum conforms to the requirements of the National Curriculum. We are committed to safeguarding children and promote the welfare of every child in our school. Children respond to the interest and appreciation which we both show in their education, and I hope that our time together will be enjoyable, valued and successful.

At Toll Bar Primary School, we want all children and adults to have:

  • The right to learn
  • The right to be safe and happy
  • The right to be treated with respect

At Toll Bar Primary School children have the right to
Learn in an encouraging environment
Feel Safe and cared for in School
Achieve the best they can
Enjoy time in school
Know that any adult in school can be approached
for help, advice or guidance.

love learning
we want everyone to enjoy learning and to achieve their best.

we want everyone who uses our school to feel involved and included

we want everyone involved with our school to feel supported.

we want our school to look and be an eco/greener place.

we want our school to be a healthy place for a our minds and our bodies.

At Toll Bar Primary we seek to support and encourage our children to become independent learners, successful writers, mathematicians, readers, artists, scientists, historians and much much more. To do this they must seek to develop the core behaviours that make for successful and skilled learners. These behaviours and characteristics are to be found in our Learning Monsters, who can be found throughout our school

Bound-Back Billy (resilience)

Stick-able Stan (resourceful)

Explorer Nora (enquiry)

The Teamwork Twins: Listening Lucy & Collaborative Colin (relates to talk partners/collaboration)

Listening Lucy

Collaborative Colin

Thinking Theo (analysis)