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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium

In 2011 – 12 the Government launched its Pupil Premium funding. This money is sent to school based on the numbers of pupils in the school who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).

From 2012 – 13, it has been expanded to include all children who have been eligible for FSM within the last 6 years.

Nationally, the statistics show that students who are in receipt of FSM do less well than their peers. The aim of this money is to try and close that attainment gap.

You can read our policy on effective pupil premium spending as a PDF.

You can also read our strategy for 2016/17 as a PDF. 

Monitoring, Challenge Intervention and Support Action Plan Pupil Premium 2015-2016

Pupil Premium Total:- £ 107,580 - for Free School Meals (FSM) Ever 6 and Including- £1320 for Children Looked After (LAC), and £250 for Service children:

Pupil Premium Report 2015-16

Progress over the Key Stage:


Whole Cohort Attainment/ Progress

Pupil Premium attainment/ Progress


86%/ +2.7

100%/ +3.4


71%/ - 0.6

66%/ - 2.7





100%/ +4.2

100%/ +3.6

This years’ provision has included

  • Pastoral Support – continue to develop the role of the Learning Mentors to support pupils’ self esteem, attitudes to learning, sense of well-being and enjoyment in school. The Parent Support Advisor will continue to develop her work with parents.
  • Funding places on school trips – to enhance the curriculum, ensuring the children were able to participate and gain the opportunity to experience new and challenging activities
  • Extend Outdoor Learning – providing exciting and different learning experiences outside the classroom is proven to raise attainment, bolster social, emotional and personal development and contributes to the health and wellbeing of children. Outdoor learning stimulates pupils in new ways and provides an insight into life, science, language, literacy and Numeracy, environmental awareness, sustainability and other issues which would not be readily accessible in the classroom/ Use of the Rabbit and Chicken project.
  • Purchasing extra resources for use across both Key Stages
  • Improving Writing results throughout school using various strategies EG. Talk for Writing.
  • Supporting intervention activities for targeted pupils and to provide appropriate training for staff.
  • Improving ICT provision - install Clever Touch screens in classrooms to develop ICT skills further and to allow greater use of IT as a tool across the curriculum.
  • Targeted intervention – 3rd Space Learning – an on line tutor to support Maths
  • Implement initiatives to raise attendance so we narrow the gap between FSM attendance and other pupils. The aim is for overall attendance to improve to 92%

Pupil premium attainment was in-line or better with the cohort in both Reading and Maths. In GPS and writing the attainment was just below that of the cohort.

Pupil Premium progress was a great success. Pupil premium progress in maths was also good but below the cohort progress. However all pupils achieved the Age Related Standard. Writing represents our biggest challenge and was below the cohort progress.

Although combined was slightly below the cohorts it was above national averages.


Who responsible


Success Criteria


To ensure all ever 6 pupils are identified- look at all vulnerable pupils, including LAC and any service children.

Head/SENCO and Office Manager


Pupils identified and are accessing the identified appropriate support to ensure good progress and attainment is achieved

Pupils clearly identified showing clear progress indicators – evidence in progress reports

Learning Mentors hours linked to identified children accessing services. Learning Mentors – enable both to attend networks for additional support


Inclusion Manage/Deputy

Office Manager


Learning mentor, working effectively with identified pupils. Pass data to indicate positive changes, plus gap analysis indicates clear progress.

Pass data complete/ interventions selected for those requiring SEAL and Nurture – see progress data in interventions

Parent Support Advisor – Working with families to remove barriers to learning.

Persistent absence reduced – by 10%. Follow recommendations of EWO






Head and admin attendance lead





Head/ Governors

Parents more engaged, support in for the vulnerable . better access and opportunities for parents and their children.

Persistent absence reduced by 10%.

Solihul courses complete, managing __ families providing support. Improved attendance and engagement.

See data/ live data this term

1:1 Sessions

Small group teaching

Intervention Groups

Speech and Language sessions. Elkan and Makaton training

1:1 Reading programme

EMTAS/HLTA support for GTR and EAL pupils

TA’s ; HLTA’s, Inclusion Manager/Deputy


Impact evident by pupils making appropriate progress according to need. – see tracking data from baseline and targets set. Children to have made at least expected and in some cases accelerated progress.

Interventions showing positive impact – majority making good progress

Additional administration support for attendance

Office Staff

Office Manager/EWO/Head

Attendance improving to 92%

See live data/ minutes from meetings

Identify budget funding to support voluntary school visits/visitors/ After School Clubs in school in order to support families accessing FSM.

Office Staff


Pupils able to access school visits/visitors and an experience of a wider experience of other cultures/places etc

Trips subsidised, clubs supported – see attendance registers

Mrs Melling to be released from timetable 50% and to deliver 1to 1, small group work.



Accelerated progress made in identified pupils- see tracking data

Pupils making accelerated progress

Pupil Progress meetings to identify and review children, action of relevant provision and to ensure there is a person responsible for the action. Track pupils progress


Look at need and allocate resources/staff accordingly- see overview plan

Evaluate impact and looks at next steps/actions forward.

Ensure interventions are adequately resourced and have quality impact through effective monitoring of the provision and its impact







Inclusion Manager


Pupils identified, tracked, impact measured and next steps forward identified

Interventions updated and fine tuned, progress reports complete

Ensure Governing Body hold the school accountable for the spending of additional public monies.

Head/Deputy/Office Manager


Head Teacher’s report on Pupil Premium – termly

Governers aware of pupil Premium and how money is allocated and also challenge on the impact of the funding

Head teachers report

Provision Map provided

Tracking shows progress

Year 6 and Year 2 pupils to receive targeted support 1to1 /small group



Year 2/6 teacher


Yaer 2 and 6 pupils identified make accelerated progress

Pupil progress is good

Writing requires improvement especially more able pupils.

Enrichment programme- Nurture Group; chickens and rabbit- pupil confidence and self-esteem improved

All staff- weekly programme


Identified pupils self- esteem/confidence/team building etc.

Questionnaire – evidences impact


‘Pupil Premium’ monies have been identified within the school budget by central government in order to target the achievement of children identified as being eligible for free school meals, for children who are looked after by the local authority, for example in foster care, and for children who have a parent in the armed forces. Whilst these monies may not be targeted to individuals in some cases at school, we have a rigorous system in place for identifying where additional support may be needed. The action plan above details the amount of Pupil Premium and our intentions for these monies and Governors are closely monitoring the impact of these plans.