Toll Bar Primary School

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School Admissions

 Admission to School - In Doncaster, schools are arranged into ‘pyramids’ based upon a number of primary schools linked with a secondary school. The area which a school serves, is referred to as a ‘catchment area’. Each address in Doncaster has a catchment area school and most parents apply for their children to attend their local school.Our school admissions process is co-ordinated through the local Authority. Only they can decide who is eligible for a place in our school. Local Authority contact details are as follows:

eMail: | Telephone:  01302 737204 
Address: Admissions and Pupil Services, PO Box 266, Council House, College Road, Doncaster, DN1 3AD.

Nursery Admissions

Children are usually admitted to a school nursery in the September following their third birthday. Admission forms can be acquired directly from Doncaster council or on the following website –

You will have to apply again for a place in our reception class as attending our nursery class does not automatically guarantee your child a place.  

Primary Admissions

Parents will receive either an application form or letter through the post informing them how to apply for a reception class place. More information can be found on the following webpage -

Secondary Admissions

After Year 6 your child will move on to Secondary school and Doncaster Council Schools Admissions will send a letter or form through the post when it is time to apply.  This will give you full instructions on how to apply for a secondary place for your child. All applications have to be made online. They will also advise you of the application completion date.

Further information can be found at:–