Toll Bar Primary School

Together we shine bright and reach high! We are Toll Bar!

School Trips

Various trips are organised by school to take place throughout the year.  Current trips planned are:

  • Ingleton Resdential (Elm & Cedar) - 5th & 6th October
  • Royal Armouries (Sycamore & Oak) - 23rd October
  • Magna (Cedar & Elm) - 8th November
  • Thackery Museam (Willow & Chestnut) - 9th November
  • Cannon Hall Farm (Foundation) - 8th December
  • Panto at Cast (Years 1 - 6) - 20th December
  • Austerfield Residential (Oak & Cedar)

In order for your child to take part in trips, please ensure you have filled in the following form: Parental Consent Form for Trips.pdf

Please ensure all details are correct.  Please inform the office if any amendments need to be made so forms can be altered.


We run a savings club in school to help you save towards the costs of trips, pantomime and residential trips.  If you would like more information or if you would like to start up a savings card, please call into the office for further details.