Toll Bar Primary School

Together we shine bright and reach high! We are Toll Bar!

Learning Behaviours

Whilst at our School our children are of course offered a broad and balanced curriculum, however at Toll Bar Primary we also prioritise creating a positive culture whereby the necessary personal attributes of a successful learner are openly discussed, reinforced and celebrated so as to foster and imbed these. In doing so we seek to develop our pupils as lifelong learners. Our learning behaviour characters exemplify these attributes and support us to guide pupils in how successful learners approach new thinking, commit learning to memory, relate to others, communicate their ideas and relate to others. Through this approach we seek to prepare our pupils for the next stages in their education and beyond. 

In class, teachers explicitly signpost the desired behaviours related to that point of learning and reward using our class dojo point system. Children are able to collect these points and use for rewards and prizes when they reach set amounts. Every week those managing to collect the most in each class per week are also celebrated as part of class assemblies. Children also collect points for showing proactive approach to their own learning by remembering to read at home regularly, bring planners on a daily basis as well as take part in home learning projects related to their topics.