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Friends of Toll Bar Primary School

We are always looking for new members, ideas for fundraising etc. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information please see the office staff.

Message from Friends of Toll Bar Primary School

Thank you for your support, we are always looking for new members, ideas for fundraising etc. Over the past 12 months we have purchased the Pirate Boat in the KS1 and Foundation playground which all the children love. We are looking to buy some more playground equipment so that all the children benefit from your fundraising efforts.

Thank you once again.


Purpose of the fund

The Toll Bar Primary School Voluntary Fund will be constituted to advance the education provided by the school.

The school fund exists to provide additional materials, books and equipment and to finance opportunities to enhance the learning experiences of children. The fund is used to provide items over and above those provided for through the school’s delegated budget.

Expenditure may be used for the following purposes:

  • Subsidy of school educational visits

  • Refreshments for children’s parties

  • Fund raising activities (e.g raffles)
  • Classroom materials and equipment

  • Lunchtime games/toys, children’s entertainment



The official title of the school fund is Toll Bar Primary School fund.

The fund is administered by Anne Newton, who holds the position of School Business Manager at the school.

The day to day management of the fund is the responsibility of the Head teacher although overall responsibility for the fund lies with the Governing Body.

A Fund Committee exists as part of the responsibilities of the Resources Committee, comprising the Headteacher, senior staff and a Governor, to decide on spending priorities and fund raising needs. This committee meets on a termly basis.

For expenditure under £5000, the agreement of the Headteacher is sufficient. For purchases over £5000 but under £10,000, the approval of the Fund Committee must be obtained whereas purchases over £10,000, the approval of the Governing Body must be obtained.

The school fund is banked with Santander Bank Current Account. Cheque signatories are the Headteacher, Deputy, Assistant Head and School Business Manager, two from four must be used.



The fund has a financial year end of 31st August. Annually, a summary of income and expenditure, and a statement of balances, is prepared by the School Business Manager.

The financial statements are audited by Linda Bent, who is an independent person with a financial background. She is considered to be a suitable person to audit the fund, having regard to the nature and complexity of it.

Audited accounts are presented to the Governing Body each year for formal approval, in accordance with the Doncaster Scheme for Financing Schools.

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