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Toll Bar Primary – are updating their approach to reading and phonics – Read Write Inc.

The school are pleased to announce we are updating our approach to Phonics and the teaching of reading over the next 12 months. The school has secured funding to develop this area greatly over this coming year. The scheme we are now going to start using is called Read Write Inc. The roll out of the programme will take a couple of terms. Please see the outline below:

Step 1 – securing the resources and organisation – Completed by the end of November

Step 2 – initial whole training – by the end of this term

Step 3 – completion of the baseline assessments – by the end of November

Step 4 – begin using Read Write Inc as our phonics approach in school – beginning of January

Step 5 – Second day of whole school training – by the end of February

Step 6 – Read Write Inc securely in place by the summer term

Parents will be provided with various workshops next term to ensure you are fully aware of the approach and ideas for how you can support school from home. Read Write Inc has a very strong track record in improving standards across school in phonics and reading. With the funding the school has secured we are very pleased to be able to access this programme.

We look forward to seeing how this approach really improves reading for everyone in school.


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Blended Curriculum Offer

During this difficult time the school will do its best to continue a high quality education offer. This is called our Blended Curriculum


Remote Learning

We totally understand how difficult it has been over the last couple of days and now going into lockdown. I can assure you our school staff are doing everything in their power to ensure work is provided for your children.

The school will now be moving to remote education:

This means as a school we will provide a variety of learning for you children whilst they are not in school. Remote learning does not just mean direct online teachers speaking to pupils all day. We are fully aware of the difficulties many of us face accessing the internet and use of computers or tablets. Therefore, remote learning combines online learning, websites, video links, hard copy resources and online direct teacher time.

All pupils in KS2 have had opportunity to learn how to access our online learning platform – TEAMs. This will be our main approach to online learning in KS2 with a range of tasks, links to video, websites and direct teaching time.

Many in KS1 have used TEAMs and See-Saw. KS1 will now be largely be sharing the daily lesson videos, prompts and activities on Seesaw. This is as we have found that our younger children appear to be much more confident in accessing these activities themselves as well as the login process being far simpler.  For the duration of home learning the children have their own personal code which will be sent to you directly. We will however continue to post on Teams alongside Seesaw. 

In foundation Tapestry will become our way of providing online work and information.

Attached alongside this letter is an outline of each year groups remote learning expectations. We will work hard to support you in any way we can to maintain basic learning whilst your child is at home. 

This will include daily tasks and sessions, workpacks, weekly checks on learning to see how we can help further. Timetables are attached for each area of school.

We are determined to try and maintain some basic learning to ensure your child is able to progress and retain the incredible learning they made last term.

Please contact the school if you need a photocopied work pack/ pen/ pencil or paper. If you require a photocopy of the work pack please contact the class teacher through email/ or text the school. We will be in contact as soon as possible to provide you with a collection time.

As I have said earlier we understanding access to online learning is difficult at times and we are again currently looking to secure laptops for the school in the near future.

Please could I ask all parents to email the class email address so we have the most up to date address. This will become a very important form of communication over the next 6 weeks.

I appreciate how difficult home-learning is for everybody so please let us know if there is anything further we can do to support you. We are all hoping this lockdown will end as soon as possible and everyone comes out the other side safely and in good health.

Further information regarding Free School Meals will follow as soon as we have the full guidance.

Again if there are any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Kind regards

Mr Bower

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