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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium

In 2011 – 12 the Government launched its Pupil Premium funding. This money is sent to school based on the numbers of pupils in the school who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).

From 2012 – 13, it has been expanded to include all children who have been eligible for FSM within the last 6 years.

Nationally, the statistics show that students who are in receipt of FSM do less well than their peers. The aim of this money is to try and close that attainment gap.

  • You can read our policy on effective pupil premium spending - Please click here.
  • Our Pupil Premium Strategy can be found below

‘Pupil Premium’ monies have been identified within the school budget by central government in order to target the achievement of children identified as being eligible for free school meals, for children who are looked after by the local authority, for example in foster care, and for children who have a parent in the armed forces. Whilst these monies may not be targeted to individuals in some cases at school, we have a rigorous system in place for identifying where additional support may be needed. The action plan above details the amount of Pupil Premium and our intentions for these monies and Governors are closely monitoring the impact of these plans.