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School Admissions

 Admission to School - In Doncaster, schools are arranged into ‘pyramids’ based upon a number of primary schools linked with a secondary school. The area which a school serves, is referred to as a ‘catchment area’. Each address in Doncaster has a catchment area school and most parents apply for their children to attend their local school.Our school admissions process is co-ordinated through the local Authority. All applications must be completed online as per the Doncaster MBC website (links below).  Only they can decide who is eligible for a place in our school. Local Authority contact details are as follows:

email: | Telephone:  01302 736000 
Address: Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU.
Doncaster Local Authority admission arrangements and policies:
Please also refer to the following Policies on our 'Policies page' for further clarification on admissions to Toll Bar Primary
- Admissions Policy - Nursery Admissions Policy - Rising 3 Year Olds Nursery Admissions Policy -

Nursery Admissions 

Nursery - Children are usually admitted to a school nursery in the September following their third birthday.

You will have to apply again for a place in our reception class as attending our nursery class does not automatically guarantee your child a place.  

  • The application process for admissions to nursery can be completed on the following website:

  • Applications can be made by clicking on the following link

30 Hours Funding/Tax Free Childcare - Childcare Options

We may be able to provide 30 hours childcare for your 3-4 year old if criteria is met. Or you may be able to apply for tax free childcare.

For more information - please click here

2 Year Funding

Rising 3's - If certain criteria is met you may be eligible for a golden ticket. This will be sent from the Local authority and will enable your child to start with us the term before their third birthday (providing places are available). 

For further information, please see the following links: 

Golden Ticket Information for 2 Year Funding

Rising 3's Nursery Admission Form

Toll Bar Primary School Nursery Forms to be Completed prior to starting with us

Parent Declaration Form

On entry questionnaire

Cool Milk online application form

Contact, Consent and Pick up Form

Primary Admissions

Parents will receive a letter informing them how to apply online for a reception class place. This will come direct from Doncaster Council.  More information can be found on the following web page -

  • The application process for admissions  can be completed on the following website:

Toll Bar Primary School - Contact, Consent and Pick up Form

Secondary Admissions

After Year 6 your child will move on to Secondary school and Doncaster Council Schools Admissions will send a letter out when it is time to apply.  This will give you full instructions on how to apply for a secondary place for your child. All applications have to be made online. They will also advise you of the application completion date.

Further information can be found at:–

  • Applications can be made by clicking on the following link

Once information is received from our secondary schools, details of our Year 6 transition dates along with other relevant information will be on our website under Parent Hub/Year 6 Transition (link below)

Year 6 transition