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Safeguarding Alert

⚠️ Safeguarding Alert ⚠️

Snapchat 'Meet Up'

We have been made aware of a new, high-risk feature Snapchat have added to their app. The feature, called 'Meet Up' involves the ability to integrate Google Maps & Apple Maps into the Snapchat maps feature (Snap Map) to get precise directions to a friend’s location without any warning or notification. Our online safety experts have created this Safeguarding Alert help you understand the risks of this feature and how to mitigate them.

Snapchat Meet up Safety Alert

Gacha Heat 

We have been made aware of several cases where groups of primary school aged children have been exposed to highly inappropriate, violent, and sexualised content made within a popular game called 'Gacha Life'.  

'Gacha Heat' uses the characters and backgrounds from this popular roleplaying game and its content currently presents a serious risk to children and young people. 

Following recurring press reports about the dangers of Omegle we are sharing an updated safeguarding alert to make you aware of a likely increase in interest on this platform.
We were first alerted  to this platform last year, but we're now seeing content from Omegle being shared widely across other platforms with trending hashtags, which could drive even more traffic.


Despite young people seeing platforms like these as fun, they may not see the risks from those online with malicious intentions.


Online Safeguarding in 60